Expert Stormwater Management Services in Exton, PA

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Exton, PA Stormwater Management Services

To prevent flooding, you can turn to Bates Landscaping for professional stormwater management solutions in Exton, PA. Stormwater runoff can cause several issues for your Exton property including indoor flooding, outdoor flooding, structural damage, and erosion. Our company employs innovative drainage techniques to control the flow of stormwater that accumulates within your property. We provide upscale stormwater management services in Exton, PA, helping to regulate water collection using environmentally conscious methods. Drainage systems will channel excess water to local streams and rivers, ensuring its safe re-entry into the water cycle.

Stormwater Management Services in Exton, PA
Exton, PA Stormwater Drainage Services

Exton, PA Stormwater Management Solution

As the population grows in Exton, PA, greater amounts of stormwater run-off are produced from rooftops, concrete, and asphalt. As man-made development progresses, less water can be absorbed into the ground, causing it to pool and flow into local landscapes. Exton, PA is known for its commercial activity, home to over 5,000 residents and numerous businesses. We help commercial and residential clients create a stormwater management plan that keeps their property safe from excess stormwater. Hiring a professional crew like Bates Landscaping guarantees effective drainage solutions that reduce the chances of flooding in your home, commercial facilities, and landscape. Our drainage services in Exton, PA, contribute to a safer environment for both you and your neighboring properties.

Stormwater Management Solutions in Exton, PA

Yard Grading Services in Exton, PA

Exton, PA Yard Grading Services

Our yard grading services in Exton, PA, transform your landscape to tolerate stormwater run-off. We create a slight slope in your natural topography, allowing gravity to carry water away from the critical points on your property. This can effectively protect your yard and foundation from flooding.

Stormwater Drainage Solutions in Exton, PA

Exton, PA Stormwater Drainage Services

At Bates Landscape, we offer a variety of landscape drainage solutions in Exton including French drains, channel drains, drainage swales, sump pump extensions, and gutter burying. These services give you more control over the flow of stormwater run-off on your property.

Retention Basin Installation in Exton, PA

Exton, PA Retention Basin Installations

Bates Landscaping also offers retention basin installations in Exton. Retention basins allow for the collection and redistribution of stormwater. This drainage solution is designed to look like a natural pond, offering a beautiful landscape addition that improves curb appeal.

Stormwater run-off Management & Maintenance Services in Exton, PA

Begin protecting your property’s infrastructure today with the help of our stormwater management services in Exton, PA. The key objective in stormwater management is implementing a strategic system of drainage solutions that correct the flow of run-off. Our stormwater management systems in Exton, PA, often employ multiple drainage solutions that are strategically placed around your property to maximize collection and minimize retention within your landscape.

We treat every property individually, working to develop a personalized plan that accommodates your specific needs. We begin our drainage design process by inspecting your property and noting the spaces where stormwater is most likely to gather. Almost every property in Exton, PA, can benefit from our drainage installations. Contact us today to speak with one of our local providers regarding stormwater management services. We will walk you through our process and answer any questions you may have.

Exton, PA Stormwater Management Systems


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