Bates Landscaping is a first-generation, family owned and operated company based in West Chester, PA. Our goal has and always will be, to provide a long-lasting relationship with our client’s, based on trust and expertise. We believe in our employees being treated like family, so that we’ll have the best team possible to service your property.

Meet Justin – Founder

Meet Dylan – Founder

Meet Melissa – Designer

Meet Angel – Shop Manager

Meet Nerly – Landscaper

Meet Ramon – Landscaper

  • Megan
    Megan Office Manager + “The Glue”

    If you’ve ever wondered who the superstar of the Bates Landscaping team is, her name is Megan (and I’m sure you’ve talked to her on the phone). She brings over 15+ years of customer service and client satisfaction experience to the team. Megan handles all aspects of accounting, and human resources while still keeping Melissa, Justin, and the crews on track. She is the glue that keeps the team together, inside and outside the office.

    Megan is a proud mother of two girls and a loving wife. Outside of Bates Landscaping, Megan enjoys spending time with her family and visiting new places!

  • Dylan
    Dylan Partner + VP of Operations

    “I really enjoy being in the field with my guys. I like visiting them on site at properties and helping them along with training, while encouraging them to work smarter, not harder.” As a key member of the team, Dylan oversees all landscape, drainage, maintenance, and snow removal operations here at the company.

    Dylan started in the trenches, as an active and engaged laborer eager to learn more and more. Having worked previously in the automotive field fixing motors, Dylan has always been very dependable when it comes to fixing equipment if it goes down on site. His tremendous work ethic has moved him along from skilled laborer, to experienced supervisor, and as most of the team calls him ‘Jefe’ (meaning Boss in Spanish).

  • Melissa
    Melissa Head of Sales & Creative Director

    Melissa designs outdoor living spaces for her clients, a privilege she is honored to make a full-time career. Growing up near the city, without any green space, Melissa focuses on expanding any outdoor space through creative thinking and using ‘the right plant for the right place”. Melissa holds her Bachelor of Science degree in Landscape Design/Construction from Penn State University (WE ARE ..) and is an International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist. 

    Her hobbies include; brunching with her mom, hiking, spending too much money at Target, cooking while drinking wine, and of course, spending time with her growing family!

  • Justin
    Justin Partner + General Manager

    As the company’s founder and general manager, Justin has been instrumental in the role of developing culture, values, goals, and a great work atmosphere. Justin believes in the American Dream and the vision of providing a long-term home for all of the employees. The company’s vision and goals are a part of Justin’s daily operation role, while still playing an active role in managing team members.

    Justin’s hobbies include; working, going to work, and thinking about work.

  • Angel
    Angel Shop Supervisor

    Sometimes things just fall into place, or in Angel’s case, walks into the Bates Landscaping office. As the company’s shop supervisor and mechanic, Angel works with all our field equipment, trucks, and vechinal upfitting in the shop. He comes to Bates Landscaping with over 35+ years of mechanical expertise and can fix just about anything.

    Not only is Angel a wiz when it comes to fixing things, but he is by far the nicest person you’ll ever meet. He always goes above and beyond for the team, and nothing makes him happier than a nice, hot black coffee.

  • Enrique
    Enrique Supervisor

    How many companies can say they still have their very first employee? Well we can, and we take pride in that. Enrique has been with Bates Landscaping since the very beginning.

    He is a very honest, loyal and dedicated team member. Whether he is walking a jobsite or operating a machine, Enrique is always smiling. He definitely set the bar high when it came to hiring new employees. 

    Outside of work, Enrique enjoys being able to relax and listen to music with his friends and family. Although he may seem like a rough and tough guy, Enrique is one of the most genuine and caring people on our team and we are lucky to have him!

  • Cailee
    Cailee Team Developer

    How many are too many Bates’ to have in one organization?! When it comes to Cailee, we wish we had 100! As the company’s Hiring Manager and Queen of Social Media (yes, that’s Cailee with the Joke of the Day!), she wears a few hats. Cailee is in charge of finding experienced and caring individuals for the team, coming up with funny jokes for Instagram, and really getting the Bates Landscaping name out there on the streets.

    Another trait she’s taken from her family .. working hard! Cailee is currently working here full-time during the day and taking online courses at night to finish up her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Cailee also helps with specialty projects too! Her most recent? Drone flying .. yes, at a landscaping company! Cailee takes her drone skills into the field to capture the team’s hard work and get footage of our finished projects for the website and YouTube.

    In Cailee’s free time she likes to spend time with her friends and family (especially her nieces and nephews!), snowboard, play field hockey, and cook meals she’s found on Pinterest. 

  • Alex
    Alex Maintenance General Manager

    “Success is not measured by your success but rather how you have helped others succeed.” This quote is something that we see in Alex each and everyday. Alex is the type of person who would drop everything to lend a hand to a fellow colleague, friend or stranger. He is the epitome of a Team Player and never fails to bring a positive light into the room. As the company’s Commercial Sales Representative, Alex handles all of our commercial clients and we couldn’t have asked for somebody better to fill this position. 

    Maybe it’s his witty sense of humor or his infectious personality, but having Alex as part of our team has brought a breath of fresh air into the company. While he isn’t working Alex enjoys spending time with his wife. daughters, and furbaby of course. Some of his favorite activities include going camping and supporting his home state of New York’s sports teams. 

  • Joel
    Joel Construction Supervisor

    If we had to choose one word to describe Joel it would be altruistic. Somebody who is altruistic is always willing to put others first and lend a helping hand. Since Joel has joined our team, not only has he been a great fit here but he is always checking in to see where or who he can help. Joel is our Construction Supervisor here at Bates Landscaping. When Joel joined our team he brought with him years of industry experience and has proved to be such a great addition to our ever growing team.

    Outside or work, Joel enjoys spending some quality time with his friends, family and loved ones. Whether he is golfing, just hanging around or cracking open a cold one, Joel takes advantage of anytime spent relaxing.

  • Jeff
    Jeff Sales Representative Landscape Designer

    Jeff is a Sales Representative & Designer here at Bates Landscaping. Jeff joined our team and brought with him positivity, humor and selflessness. He is always willing to lend a hand to anybody who may need it and has a way of bringing positivity into any room. Jeff has been in this industry for over 20 years and credits a lot of that to his love of nature. Being outside is a huge part of his life and as that saying goes “If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life”.


    In Jeff’s free time he enjoys anything that involves being active. Whether he is working in his wood shop or exploring new hiking trails with his friends and family he is always moving and trying new things. One of Jeff’s newest adventures is finding new breweries to try! Have any suggestions? Send them his way!


    Thank you for all the great work Jeff!

A bit about us!

  • Learning the trade
    Justin gets his first taste of the landscape industry working with his father and learning the trade during the summers when school was out. This is where he first falls in love with landscaping and being outdoors in general. Thanks Don Bates!
  • Bates Landscaping is born
    At the age of 23, Justin Bates started Bates Landscaping, a residential lawn care and maintenance company that he ran out of his mother’s garage and backyard. All of which he did on the side, while still working 50+ hours at his full-time job. Thanks for the support, Valerie Bates! 
  • Bates Landscaping is incorporated
    Bates Landscaping becomes incorporated, while Justin takes a leap of faith in the American Dream and makes Bates Landscaping his full time gig. During this period, Justin hired his first employee, Ricky – who still works here today!
  • The team grows!
    Bates Landscaping added Melissa Blake.
  • And grows!
    Bates Landscaping acquires Conway Lawn Care and landscaping consolidating our footprint in the Malvern, Paoli and West Chester area.
  • And grows!
    Megan Sullivan joins the team! She brings with her office management experience from working with an industry leading tree company before Bates landscaping. 
  • West Chester Office
    Bates Landscaping relocates our main shop and office to the West Chester area to help service our clients and speedier service.
  • Stormwater and Drainage Team
    Spotting a shortfall in the area for qualified stormwater management contractors Bates Landscaping adds a full time Drainage only team. 
  • 2022 & Beyond
    Bates Landscaping opens a location in Phoenixville pa to service the montco and upper chesco area better.


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