Here at Bates Landscaping, we take pride in coming up with creative solutions for your property’s issues, and a big one is always water.

Whether it’s a sump pump that isn’t buried and directed properly, gutters that are exiting too close to the foundation, or water flooding on your property,  we can provide a plan to remediate the situation.

Drainage Solutions We Can Assist With

  • Gutter Burying
  • Sump Pump Extension or Burying
  • French Drains
  • Channel Drains
  • Yard Grading
  • Proper Pitching
  • Rain Water planting
  • Catch Basin Solutions
  • Drainage Swales
  • Retention Basins
  • Berming to redirect water flow
  • Erosion Control and remediation

1. Phone Call

After you call the office or submit a form through our website, our office staff will schedule you with a phone call to review your water issue. During this phone consultation you will speak directly to a drainage solution expert and they will walk through your issue to ensure we can create a solution that will work best for your budget and the problem at hand.


2. Meeting

Once you have discussed over the phone and our team feels like we can provide an ideal solution, we schedule an in-person appointment at your property. During this appointment, the drainage expert will meet you at the property and finalize all details for your solution and provide a detailed proposal directly after.

3. Approval

Upon approval of the budget for your project, we will work with you to determine a start date for your project.


4. Permitting

Once you are satisfied with the solution we have provided, a small deposit is collected to draw up detailed plans and report to your local Township and request any necessary permits needed for the project.

5. Installation

After obtaining permits as needed, Bates Landscaping will schedule you within a timely matter. During the installation, our team pays the utmost attention to all the details that matter most and ensure that all the facets you discussed with the drainage expert are implemented correctly.


Our goal overall is to ensure the construction process is pleasant, by providing a clean and safe environment. When finished our team will clean up, install seed or sod and remove all extra debris from the area.

Bates Landscaping

6. Maintain Investment

Once your project is completed, it’s important to have your solution inspected at least twice a year. Bates Landscaping can schedule a visit to have a technician inspect the function of the system and ensure it’s working properly, then make any recommendations based on their findings.


Bates Drainage Case Studies

Click on each case study below to see the issue and the solution that we provided!

Gutters Exiting Too Close to the Foundation – Chadds Ford, PA

Issue: The gutters surrounding the foundation of the property are exiting too close to the house. This was causing wash out in the planting beds, a mess with the mulch, and potential of water flooding into the basement.

Solution: All (6) gutters needed to be trenched and buried away from the house, about 70ft. This was completed using 4” and 6” SDR 35 rated PVC pipe. The pipes were buried and connected to exit into the woodline away from the house.

Remove and Replace all Gutters – Villanova, PA

Issue: Homeowner in Villanova PA had recently discovered that soil around property was sinking and possibly leading to foundation issues. Parts of yard that homeowner wanted to expand into to use were classified as wetland and would need a specific plan in order to be able to complete any work. 

Solution: An outside engineering firm hired by Bates Landscaping developed a comprehensive plan that we installed. We buried all gutters and sump pump around house and over current sanitary sewer running through the property. French drain installed in rear of property to collect pooling water behind house. All pipes were able to exit into creek flowing around property and away from foundation.     

Water Sitting Under Fence for over 48 hours – Collegeville, PA

Issue: At the clients left side portion of the fence water was pooling, collecting, and sitting for longer than 48-hours post storm due to a development of townhomes being built next door on a former farm. The water was collecting at the fence and behind the shed, and the client was worried this would compromise the structure as well as making it almost impossible to service the lawn.

Solution: A french drain was recommended and installed, along with a decorative riverstone swale along the length of the property line. The french drain pipe would be trenched and buried, then the trench will be filled in with crushed stone and wrapped in fabric.

Gutter Extension and Enlargement – Sharon Hill, PA (Commercial Site)

Issue: The current drainage is not taking water away from the building quick enough. Current 6” pipe is not sufficient to drain water from six gutters on side of building, that are all at least 4-6” each and exit a significant amount of square footage from roof. 

Solution: Remove current drainage pipe and gutters that connect to drainage pipe dig down 2 to 3 additional feet to apply proper waterproofing membrane to outside of building after waterproofing membrane is installed install 8 inch solid PVC pipe and connect six gutters to pipe and exit into parking lot Connect 4 inch gutters to 4 inch PVC that will connect to 8 inch pipe underground When finished installing pipe and waterproofing membrane installed reinstall and compact dirt up against foundation and grade properly away from foundation to prevent pooling

Collapsed Pipe Underground in Yard – Merion Station, PA

Issue: In the rear of home and space between pool and higher elevated yard the grass area is collecting water and causing an overall flooded and muddy condition.  Client has had a pipe in this area that drains fountain water. After snaking and inspecting with a camera and discovered that a portion of the drain is collapsed underground.

Solution: Bates Landscaping replaced the broken/collapsed pipe underground and catch basins will be installed in this grass area that will be tied into underground 4” SDR 35 rated PVC. All areas when completed will be graded properly to allow for proper pitch into the catch basins to move water properly, and prevent pooling.

Garage Flooding and Mud in Pool Issue – Phoenixville, PA

Issue #1: Area in front of garage is flooding and causing pooling of water in the garage and driveway. The two drains Previously installed near driveway are partially covered by dirt and debris and possibly installed to catch neighboring sump pump(*not installed by Bates Landscaping). Uncover drains, explore exit point to be sure they are exiting correctly. 

Solution #1:  Install a 4″ wide channel drain in front of the garage door 19ft long. Channel drain will connect to 4″ SDR 35 rated PVC pipe that will exit away from garage and foundation of house. Connect two gutters on side of house near garage to PVC pipe exiting away from house to keep water from roof out of area. Install new concrete and compacted stone around channel drain to keep in place long-term and prevent shifting, channel drain will be vehicle rated for long term stability.


Issue #2: The sump pump for basement exiting too close to the foundation of the home. In many cases a sump pump that exits too close to the foundation will cause a cyclical effect for water in a basement or erosion issues outside the home. The water pumps outside, soaks ground against foundation, makes its way back into the foundation and is pumped out again repeating the process and losing a little bit of water each time. Sump pump on left side of house is draining under deck and causing washout and pooling water. Sump pump on far right of house is incorrectly tied into corrugated pipe leading to washout and issue with dog digging.

Solution #2: We recommend exiting sump pump a correct distance from house where water will dissipate or flow away from foundation once taken outside. Connect sump pump under deck, 2 gutters, and sump pump on side of house into an underground 6″ sdr 35 rated pvc pipe that will exit to basin area on side of house. Also install a 15 ft long 4″ pvc pipe underground to exit water from gutter in back corner of house. This is will help keep water far from foundation and prevent flooding.


Issue #3: Watering flowing at the rear border of the property coming from the neighbor’s property, which is causing pooling at the currently installed berm during heavy rain fall.

Solution #3: Install 4 catch basins on opposite side of berm in swale area along property line. We recommended installing catch basins and underground piping to exit water, this along with berm will help assure no overflow in a heavy storm. 


Our Full List of Services

  • Tree and Shrub planting
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  • Butterfly gardens // Pollinator beds
  • Garden Design and Planting Beds
  • Annual swaps in Containers or Pots
  • Indoor Container Installation
  • Edging Borders
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  • Drainage Solutions
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