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King of Prussia, PA Stormwater Management Services

King of Prussia is a census-designated place in Montgomery County, PA, with an approximate population of 22,000. King of Prussia is best known for its mall, one of the largest in the country. King of Prussia is a popular destination for commerce, with a variety of large and small businesses operating in the area.

With almost 50 average inches of precipitation each year, flooding and standing water can be a significant issue for residential and commercial property owners in King of Prussia. At Bates Landscaping, we specialize in creating custom stormwater management solutions that protect your home and landscape from property damage. Whether you need yard grading, gutter burying, or drain installations, our team can help.

Stormwater Drainage Solutions in King of Prussia, PA

King of Prussia, PA Stormwater Drainage Solutions

Without an effective stormwater management system in place, your home or commercial facility may be at risk for water damage. When stormwater accumulates on your property, it can destroy your landscaping or flood your basement. This leaves you vulnerable to mold growth and foundation deterioration. Our stormwater drainage services in King of Prussia, PA, offer effective solutions to direct the flow of water run-off away from your home.

Our process begins with a phone consultation where we discuss your issue. Next, we will assess your property and create a proposal. After agreeing on a budget, we obtain any required permits to ensure we are working within the regulations set forth by Upper Merion Township. Finally, we provide a swift drainage installation that leaves your home safeguarded from the elements. Our team does a thorough cleanup after every job, removing any debris from your property. For stormwater drainage solutions you can count on, call Bates Landscaping in King of Prussia, PA.

Stormwater run-off Management & Maintenance Services in King of Prussia, PA

We use our landscaping expertise to develop a reliable rainwater management strategy for your home. We make accommodations in accordance with the lot size and local regulations. Bates Landscaping can help you manage stormwater locally in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. A primary goal of stormwater management is establishing a way to direct water runoff away from your property. We make sure every stormwater management system in King of Prussia is eco-friendly. We consult with each client to learn their needs and where they want to displace their excess stormwater. With the help of our drainage and management solutions, you can take comfort in knowing your landscape is well-suited to prevent water damage and flooding. Each case is unique, and we take pride in solving stormwater run-off complications in King of Prussia. Contact us today regarding your specific stormwater management needs.



Stormwater Management Company in King of Prussia, PA
Drainage Swale Installation in King of Prussia, PA

Drainage Swale Installations in King of Prussia, PA

Drainage swales are shallow ditches that are used to capture stormwater runoff. These are commonly placed along the edges of a property to capture water using the force of gravity, redistributing it away from your landscape. We offer drainage swale installations in King of Prussia for both residential and commercial clients.


Gutter Burying Services in King of Prussia, PA

King of Prussia, PA Gutter Burying Services

Sometimes, gutters that are improperly directed can cause flooding and standing water on your King of Prussia property. Our team can bury your gutters, extending their point of exit to the edge of your landscape. This provides an efficient way for captured water to escape. Contact us today to learn more about our gutter burying services in King of Prussia, PA!



King of Prussia, PA Yard Grading Services

King of Prussia, PA Yard Grading Services

If your home is located at the bottom of an incline, water may naturally be redirected toward your foundations. This can lead to flooded basements and interior damage. Our yard grading services in King of Prussia work by reshaping your landscape to prevent stormwater runoff from funneling toward your home. This is a long-lasting solution that targets the root of your water intrusion issues.



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