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Landscaping Service Contractors in Aston, PA

Having properly maintained landscapes will not only draw attention to your home from friends, family, and neighbors but can provide you with more safety. Overgrown trees, branches, bamboo, and other plants and weeds can quickly grow. Some of these plants, like bamboo, can grow through concrete, which can destroy your home’s structural design. Overgrown branches, trees, and even shrubbery could impact the windows, walls, siding, and more outdoor structures if they fall, break, or are impacted by high winds. There is no time like the present to keep your home safe and free from falling debris and invasive weeds in Aston, PA.

Custom Landscape Maintenance in Aston, PA

Aston, PA Landscape Design Professionals

At Bates Landscaping, we now offer new solutions for managing your commercial or residential property yard. Whether you have a large yard or a smaller yard, our team will come to your home periodically to make sure your yard is looking its best. Whatever you may need, our landscape design professionals in Aston, PA, can fulfill your ideal yard-looking conditions. We have experience working on many different, unique yard styles. What sets us apart from our competitors is our ability to constantly maintain professionally well-kept landscapes. We value collaboration with our commercial and residential landscape clients in Aston, PA.

Aston, PA Landscape Design Professionals
Landscaping Maintenance in Aston, PA

Landscaping Maintenance in Aston, PA

Do you want to take back control of your commercial or residential landscape? Does your home or property need installation and design services to maintain proper functionality for water drainage? Are you looking to add new outdoor living fixtures, such as walkways, patios, fireplaces, and more, to your home in Aston, PA? All of these services plus more can be done with Bates Landscaping for residents and commercial landscape maintenance and restoration. With Bates Landscaping, we will openly talk with our clients to understand what type of landscaping maintenance fits their budget and yardage space. If you have seen a lack of consistency in your previous landscaping company, then choose better, choose Bates Landscaping.


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