Landscape Maintenance Services in Broomall, PA

We offer year-round landscape care services in Broomall, PA to keep your yard looking its very best. As part of our full range of services, we provide expert pruning to keep your trees and bushes in good shape and avoid overgrowth.

When it comes to planting care, we’ve got you covered with our weeding services, along with effective insect and disease control measures. Our priority is nourishing your plants and providing the necessary protection to promote their thriving growth. For lush and healthy turf, we offer a range of maintenance services, including mowing, aeration, and fertilization.

Don’t let leaves take over your yard during the fall and spring – our cleanup services are here to help. Count on us to keep your landscape in its best shape throughout the seasons.

Spring Maintenance
Spring Maintenance


Fall Maintenance
Fall Maintenance

Snow + Ice
Snow + Ice

Learn about how we can help deal with inclement weather!


Take a look at the drainage services we offer!

All season long maintenance by Bates Landscaping

Landscaping Designers in Broomall, PA

Discover innovative ways to elevate your landscape with the assistance of Bates Landscaping! Whether you own a residential or commercial property, our team of skilled professionals is ready to craft breathtaking landscape designs in Broomall, PA. No project is too small or large for us to tackle.

Our method involves working closely with clients, which lets us understand their specific style tastes and make our creations fit those needs. Let us know about your ideas, and we’ll make digital versions of them so you can see what they look like before they are put into action. Throughout the process, your opinion is highly valued, so you can share new ideas at any time.

Feeling unsure about the features to include in your installation? Our creative landscapers can offer suggestions that perfectly complement your vision. Rest assured, we take utmost care of the workspace, so you can trust us to handle the cleanup seamlessly. With Bates Landscaping, your landscape dreams are in capable hands.


Landscape Drainage Services in Broomall, PA


Water management is a prevalent concern for property owners when it comes to landscape care. Dealing with heavy rain can lead to issues like flooding or standing water, depending on your location. At Bates Landscaping, we specialize in providing effective and permanent solutions to safeguard your plant and home from water damage.

Our comprehensive drainage options cater to various needs, including drains and erosion control. If the problem lies with your gutters or sump pump, we offer burying and extension services to address the issue. To promote eco-friendliness, our rain garden drainage basins are designed to reduce storm-water waste by an impressive 99 percent. These solutions not only function efficiently but also blend naturally with any landscape, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. Trust us to combat water-related challenges and create a harmonious and well-protected environment for your property.

Snow and Ice Removal in Broomall, PA

Say goodbye to the hassle of winter cleanup! This year, let our dedicated team take care of the heavy lifting with our top-notch snow and ice removal services in Broomall, PA. Equipped with the right tools and a hardworking crew, we are ready to tackle any buildup that comes your way. Whether it’s shoveling and snow clowning, efficient plowing, or reliable salting, we have the perfect solutions to assist you.

Even if space is limited fear not! Our snow-hauling services are at your disposal, ensuring your outdoor area remains free from snow mounds that could otherwise restrict your movement. With our swift and thorough work, you can rest easy knowing your property will stay safe and easily accessible throughout the winter season. Let us handle the winter challenges while you focus on enjoying the comfort of a well-maintained and snow-free environment.


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