Landscape Maintenance Services in Chester, PA

Maintain the appearance of your landscape all year round with our comprehensive landscape maintenance services in Chester, PA. We specialize in trees and bush care through expert pruning techniques to prevent overgrowth and maintain their beauty. If you’re looking for exceptional plant care, we provide top-notch weeding services and effective insect and disease control measures. Our dedicated team ensures your plants receive the nourishment and protection required for optimal growth and vitality, To keep your lawn in top shape, we offer a range of turf maintenance services, including meticulous mowing, aeration, and fertilization.

Our cleanup services are superb, especially during the fall and spring seasons when leaves accumulate in your yard. Trust us to keep your landscape looking sharp and healthy throughout the year.

Spring Maintenance
Spring Maintenance


Fall Maintenance
Fall Maintenance

Snow + Ice
Snow + Ice

Learn about how we can help deal with inclement weather!


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All season long maintenance by Bates Landscaping

Landscaping Designers in Chester, PA

At Bates Landscaping, we are your go-to experts for transforming your landscape into a captivating masterpiece! Whether it’s a residential or commercial property in Chester, PA, our team of professionals is equipped to create stunning landscape designs tailored to your specific requirements, no matter the scale of the project. We believe in the power of teamwork, that’s why we work closely with our clients to understand their unique design preferences. With this insight, we make creations that perfectly align with your vision. To help you visualize the final result, our team can craft prototypes, allowing you to see the design come to life before any physical implementation.

At every step of the process, we welcome your valuable feedback and ideas, ensuring that the final design exceeds expectations. If you’re seeking inspiration or creative landscapers are adept at suggesting features and elements that complement your vision flawlessly. Rest assured, as we create your dream landscape, we take great care of the workspace, leaving you free from any cleanup worries. Experience the joy of a truly remarkable landscape design with Bates Landscape by your side!


Landscape Drainage Services in Chester, PA


Water-related issues can pose significant challenges for property owners, affecting the health of their landscapes. At Bates Landscaping, we understand the importance of addressing these concerns proactively. Whether it’s heavy rain leading to flooding or standing water, we provide lasting solutions that safeguard your plants and home from water damage. Our comprehensive range of drainage options includes drains and erosion control measures, ensuring effective water management on your property. If your gutter or sump pump requires attention, we offer burying and extension services to enhance their functionality. 

Don’t wait for water-related issues to become problematic; take proactive action today! Contact us to explore how our landscape drainage services can effectively protect your Chester property and keep it in condition. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your landscape is well-prepared to handle any water challenges that may come its way.

Snow and Ice Removal in Chester, PA

Our exceptional snow and ice removal services in Chester takes away the most dreaded part of the wintertime. This year, leave the heavy lifting to us as we have the specialized equipment and hardworking team to swiftly clear away any snow and ice buildup. Whether it’s shoveling, snow blowing, plowing, or salting, we’ve got the perfect solutions to cater to your needs. No snowfall is too challenging for us to handle, and we ensure your property remains safe and accessible throughout the winter season. 

If you’re worried about limited space due to snow mounds, fret not! Our sno-hauling services will free up your outdoor area, preventing snow buildup from restricting your space. With our efficient work, you can rest assured that your property will be well-maintained and hazed-free, allowing you to navigate the winter season with ease. Let us take care of the winter cleanup so you can focus on enjoying the season to the fullest. Reach out to us for unparalleled snow and ice removal services that guarantee a hassle-free winter experience.


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