Landscaping Services in Marshallton, PA


Landscape Maintenance Services in Marshallton, PA

Looking for landscape maintenance services in Marshallton? Bates Landscaping offers affordable pricing and very reliable landscape maintenance services in Marshallton. We ensure our solution keeps your landscape at its best.

Our landscaping services include maintenance such as turf maintenance, plant care, pruning, and care for your greens. With our maintenance, we mow, aerate, fertilize, and essentially do everything to ensure your landscape looks vibrant and in its best health. For any extended services such as insect or weed control, we can help with that too! We strive to be the best landscaper in Marshalltown and guarantee the best for your property.

Spring Maintenance
Spring Maintenance


Fall Maintenance
Fall Maintenance

Snow + Ice
Snow + Ice

Learn about how we can help deal with inclement weather!


Take a look at the drainage services we offer!

All season long maintenance by Bates Landscaping

Landscaping Designers in Marshallton, PA

For us, landscape design is something that we take care of very seriously. We utilize our creativity, expertise, and experience, to find you the best-looking landscape for your property. By serving both residential and commercial areas, we have a vast array of work that we can accomplish. We can help bring your vision to reality.

We start with a simple consultation, we get to know our clients and understand their unique taste in styling and the work they require for their projects. Our design team comes up with a digital prototype, and then with feedback and approval from our client, we begin the installation and the work to turn the virtual into a reality. Throughout this process, we keep communication open, and this ensures our client’s best satisfaction with our work.

Landscape Designers In Marshallton, PA.

Landscape Drainage Services in Marshallton, PA

Landscape Drainage Services In Marshallton, PA

Many homeowners in Marshallton are aware of how frustrating it can be to have water problems on their land. If there is a lot of rain or an improperly installed gutter, your outside space may flood or have standing water. With our landscape drainage services, Bates Landscaping provides Marshallton, PA residents with long-lasting solutions.

We can assist you with installing drains, rerouting gutters, or burying a sump pump. You’re sure to discover the ideal solution for your home among our extensive selection of services. Our environmentally friendly rain garden drainage basins are a well-liked option for water drainage. These assist drain water and shield your property from water damage by using organic plants and materials. They are visually striking as well as practical.

Water damage is often a costly issue. Give us a call right now to talk about how our landscapers can install drainage solutions on your Marshallton property before it’s too late.

Snow and Ice Removal in Marshallton, PA

The toughest thing about wintering in Marshallton is having to clear your property after a storm. Bates Landscaping provides snow and ice removal services as a result. You may unwind this winter while we take care of maintaining your outside area with our assistance.

We are prepared to handle any ice or snow that gets in your way. We provide services for shoveling, blowing snow, plowing, and salting. By utilizing our snow-hauling services, we may avoid accumulations of snow. In order to ensure that your property is secure and usable as soon as possible, we move swiftly.

Snow and Ice Removal In Marshallton, PA


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