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Landscaping Designers in Phoenixville, PA

A creative landscape design can take your property to the next level. Bates Landscaping is the number one choice for landscape design services in Phoenixville, PA. We use our expertise and eye for aesthetics to create timeless additions to your landscape. We serve both residential and commercial properties, delivering custom installations catered to your needs. 

Our one-on-one consultations help us understand your vision and the additions you would like to make. We use specialized computer software to create digital designs based on your ideas. Together with our clients, we decide upon the best design and get straight to installation. Our experts pay thorough attention to detail throughout the process, ensuring your installation fits seamlessly with the rest of your landscape. We always respect the property we work on, making sure to clean up and leave your landscape looking spotless.

Spring Maintenance
Spring Maintenance


Fall Maintenance
Fall Maintenance

Snow + Ice
Snow + Ice

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Maintenance for every season by Bates Landscaping

Landscape Maintenance Services in Phoenixville, PA

Keeping up with landscape maintenance takes time and expertise. Bates Landscaping maintenance services make sure your outdoor space looks pristine all year-round. We offer mowing, fertilization, and aeration as part of our turf management services in Phoenixville, PA.

With our plant care services, we provide insect and disease control so your plants can flourish without the stress of pests. Our weed removal and leaf cleanup services prevent your landscape from looking disorganized. To see how you can benefit from landscape maintenance. Call today to talk to one of our landscape professionals.


Snow and Ice Removal in Phoenixville, PA


We all love a winter wonderland, but when it comes time to clear your property, snow and ice can be a major pain. Snow or ice that accumulates on roads, driveways, and outdoor paths can be dangerous for anyone trying to access your home or facility. That’s why Bates Landscaping offers snow and ice removal services in Phoenixville, PA, so you can carry on with your life while we take care of the hazard.

With the latest tools and equipment, our team is capable of taking on anything nature has to throw at us. Our plows make quick work of the roads while our snow blowers and shovels clear the space around your property. After we’re done we can salt your surfaces to prevent the formation of ice. Take it easy this winter and let us clear the path.

Landscape Drainage Services in Phoenixville, PA

If your property is prone to water accumulation, Bates Landscaping offers landscape drainage solutions in Phoenixville, PA. Water damage can be detrimental and costly to landscapes and homes. Whether your issue comes from gutter run-off or an incline around your property, we can help. Our experts can assess your property and find the best solution for your needs.

We offer French and channel drains, pitching, berming to redirect water flow, gutter and sump pump burying, and more. A popular option for stormwater runoff is our rain garden drainage basins. These use natural materials including native plants, to create a shallow depression capable of absorbing runoff.



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