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Pocopson, PA Landscape Maintenance Company

Maintenance is essential to preserving the appearance of your landscape throughout the year. Our team at Bates Landscaping provides professional landscape maintenance services in Pocopson, PA. We assist local homeowners and business owners with specialized services to ensure their landscape receives the optimal care it deserves.

We work with clients in Pocopson, PA, to create a custom maintenance plan that accommodates the unique needs of their landscape. We understand that every property has different requirements and clients can select from a variety of landscape service options including mowing, fertilization, aeration, weeding, pruning, pest control, and more. Our Pocopson landscapers offer flexible scheduling, guaranteeing convenient maintenance. Contact us today to get started!

Spring Maintenance
Spring Maintenance


Fall Maintenance
Fall Maintenance

Snow + Ice
Snow + Ice

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Year-round Maintenance for Every Season

Landscaping Designers in Pocopson, PA

In addition to maintenance, Bates Landscape also offers landscape design services in Pocopson, PA. If you are looking for ways to enhance the appearance of your home’s exterior, we can help! Our experienced landscape designers in Pocopson, PA, can create unique outdoor displays that elevate your property. Our design services include both landscaping and hardscaping. From hedges and gardens to patios and pathways, our contractors can do it all!

Our goal is to design a spectacular installation that blends seamlessly with the rest of your property. We collaborate with you throughout the process to formulate a landscape design that matches your style and intention for the space. Bates Landscaping works with both residential and commercial clients in Pocopson, PA, and we can design for any property regardless of size. Click the button below to learn more about our landscape design and installation process!

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Bamboo Remediation Services in Pocopson, PA

Bamboo Removal Services in Pocopson, PA

Bamboo is notoriously difficult to remove from landscapes. These plants are connected through underground rhizomes that spread rapidly and give rise to new growth throughout your yard. Unmaintained growth of running bamboo can quickly overtake your property and threaten the structural integrity of your home, pipes, and septic system.

Luckily, Bates Landscaping offers a solution with our bamboo removal services in Pocopson, PA. Our landscapers target bamboo at its source, ensuring a complete extraction. Rather than just removing visible stalks, we make sure to eliminate the rhizomes to prevent further growth. As long-time providers of landscaping services in Pocopson, we understand the urgency of this situation. Contact us today for a quick resolution.

Snow and Ice Removal in Pocopson, PA

Tired of dealing with the burden of ice and snow? Bates Landscaping can help! Our snow and ice removal services in Pocopson, PA, are designed to quickly clear your property. With our help, you can enjoy the beauty of winter without the stress of shoveling.

Whether you are dealing with a blocked driveway or inaccessible pathways, our Pocopson snow and ice removal company can provide a solution. We are stocked with an arsenal of equipment including plows, shovels, and snowblowers that make it easy for us to reach your property and remove any snow or ice. Our affordable prices make us the smart choice for snow removal in Pocopson, PA!

Snow and Ice Removal In Pocopson, PA


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