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Drainage Swale Maintenance and Redirection

One of the large HOA Community swales was not functioning properly. Water was skipping over the swale and flooding the tennis courts.


Delaware County, PA

Budget Range:

$4000 – $6000

Project Description:

Bates Landscaping recommended performing maintenance on the main swale and redirecting a smaller swale towards the existing stormwater drain basin. The main lower swale’s grade has changed since it was originally installed, since no maintenance has been performed over the years, sediment and silt have deposited into the swale changing the topography.

Water was no longer finding its way to the intended location, and instead, it would end up flowing onto the nearby tennis courts. We excavated and redefined the swale by removing soil layers to create a proper slope towards the drain basin. While we were working within the space, we redirected a smaller swale that entered perpendicular and exited facing the tennis courts.

Our plan was to redirect the exit of the smaller swale, so it pointed toward the existing stormwater drain basin within the area. When excavation and grading were complete, we seeded and installed erosion control in all disturbed areas.

This project was completed during the winter months, so no grass has been established yet, but the swales both function as intended and the tennis courts no longer have water flowing onto them

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