Stormwater Management Company in Norristown, PA

Stormwater Management Solutions for Norristown Properties

How to Prevent Flooding in Norristown, PA

When heavy rain hits, it pays to have systems in place to prevent your home, commercial facility, or landscape from flooding. Norristown, PA, receives approximately 47 inches of rain each year, demanding proactive solutions against water intrusion. Bates Landscaping provides stormwater management services in Norristown, PA, helping to protect property owners from costly repairs. We begin with a consultation where our stormwater management team will gather information regarding your history of flooding, the source of runoff, and other vital details of your property. Our drainage specialists in Norristown, PA, will assess this information to design a stormwater management system tailored to your specific needs.  

Norristown, PA Stormwater Drainage Solutions

At Bates Landscaping, we create custom drainage systems for Norristown residents. Stormwater runoff is a significant problem for many property owners. As surrounding areas become more urbanized, there are fewer natural surfaces to absorb excess precipitation. This can result in water accumulating in your landscape and potentially your basement. As the leading provider of stormwater management services in Norristown, PA, Bates Landscaping can provide you with a tailored solution against flooding. We build personalized drainage systems to counteract the flow of stormwater runoff on your property. Contact us today to begin discussing your needs with one of our local stormwater management specialists in the Norristown area.

Landscape Drainage Installations in Norristown, PA  

After designing the perfect stormwater management system for your Norristown property, our team will provide a swift installation. We install a wide variety of drainage solutions in Norristown, PA, from French drains to drainage swales. Beyond functionality, we aim to provide visually appealing drainage installations. Retention ponds and rainwater planting employ the use of natural materials, appearing as an intentional design feature of your landscape. If the topography of your landscape is the issue, our drainage specialists in Norristown, PA, can grade your yard to help redirect the flow of stormwater runoff. No matter your needs, Bates Landscaping is here to help. Get in touch with us today to request a consultation.


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