Case Studies

Single Family Townhome Community Stormwater Management

The community had an outdated drainage system that was not functioning properly.


Chester County, PA

Budget Range:

$90,000 – $110,000

Project Description:

Bates Landscaping was highly recommended by an experienced Engineering Firm to be the premier Contractor to install the proposed remediation solution. Per the Engineer recommendations, we installed an open top french drain, covered with decorative stone to absorb any ground or surface water that was collected in the area, then directed that to the Community basins.

We installed oversized commercial grade piping to tie in the gutters throughout the section of the community to direct into the Community basins. We then ran separate piping for the sump pump and added freeze thaw protection through this section of the Community. This project required extensive communication and logistical planning with Bates Landscaping to the Board of Homeowners, the Engineer, and individual homeowners.


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