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Residential Stormwater Runoff Solution

Poor grading in the backyard is causing water infiltration into the basement and soggy soil conditions.


Chester County, PA

Budget Range:

$30,000 – $32,000

Project Description:

Bates Landscaping worked together with an engineering firm to come up with a plan to address the water issues on the property. The engineer presented a plan to install a stone top french drainage system that can handle the underground water from the high water table and collect the runoff around the property .

The plan also called for a large stormwater drain basin within the yard to help collect surface water coming off from the neighboring properties on the right hand side. The downspouts around the house were connected into the system to ensure all stormwater can be collected and moved off the property.

Bates Landscaping excavated the backyard according to the engineered plans and installed the drainage system. The backyard was graded to ensure the runoff water all flowed into the new drain basin and away from the house. Our new drainage system was tied into the existing stormwater collection system of the community

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