Case Studies

Window Well Repair

The client had water flowing into their window well which was leading to water infiltration into the finished basement


Delaware County, PA

Budget Range:

$2000 – $4000

Project Description:

Bates Landscaping recommended installing a new and larger window well. The top of the existing window well sat almost flush with the ground level around it.

The area was graded improperly which allowed for water to flow right into the well. The homeowner had installed a small sump pump at the bottom of the well to help stop the water from entering through the window.

We removed the existing window well and dug the hole larger and deeper. We recommended installing more crushed stone at the base of the well to ensure if water finds its way into the hole, it can drain through. We also installed a much larger window well so the top was above the ground level at least 4 inches. This was to stop surface runoff water from entering the well.

We graded around the new well to ensure all surface water drained away from the house, then installed riverstone around the sides of it to help prevent dirt/mulch from washing and splashing up against the sides.

Once the project was complete, there was no need for the sump pump anymore!

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